Aga’s House

LÖR 17 OKT 18:00, 2020
Panora Malmö

Nine year old Aga lives with his mother and four other women in an isolated mountain area in Kosovo. The only male figure in his life is Cera, whom is a violent and ruthless person that despite all that as a sweet spot for Aga.

Aga spends the majority of his time looking for his father but is also too young to understand why he isn’t present. When an unexpected situation occurs Aga is forced to help and that triggers a domino effect where the truth starts to appear.

Original title: Shpia e Agës
Director: Lendita Zeqiraj
Land: Kosovo
Year: 2019
Längd: 107 minutes
Språk: Albanian
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: From 15 år
Actors: Arti Lokaj, Rozafa Celaj, Adriana Matoshi
Premiere: 28 June, 2019