Three Windows and a Hanging

LÖR 17 OKT 14:00, 2020
Panora Malmö

In a traditional village where life gradually builds up after the war causes, the teacher Lushe, to appear in an interview with a international journalist. During the interview she tells a story about her and three women that were raped by Serbian soldiers during the war. An interview that gets the men in the village to rage and start a hate campaign against Lushe and her son, at the same time they start to question their own wife’s.

Original title: Tri dritare dhe një varje
Director: Isa Qosja
Land: Kosovo
Year: 2014
Längd: 93 minutes
Språk: Albanian
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama
Rating: From 15 år
Actors: Irena Cahani, Luan Jaha, Donat Qosja
Premiere: 19 August, 2014